FREE! Reader’s Guide for Kay Johnson’s New Book: “China’s Hidden Children”

IMG_1740.JPG“What drives my passion for uncovering the facts about Chinese adoption, and for  understanding the Chinese families who have been impacted by China’s population policies?

To tell the stories of people whose lives have been invisibly tied to ours and to illuminate a small part of the hidden history of this era.”  

– Dr. Kay Ann Johnson

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China’s Hidden Children READER’S GUIDE


The guide is the perfect companion for exploring Kay Ann Johnson’s ground-breaking new book, and for igniting book group discussions on China adoption, parenting, and the impact of politics and social policies on families across the globe.

Created by adoptive parents and China adoptees, the reader’s guide includes discussion questions, an interview with Author Dr. Kay Ann Johnson, and resources for further investigation.

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Why Read the Book? 

ADOPTIVE PARENTS: Readers who are adoptive parents of children from China, or China adoptees, will find a treasure trove of historical, political, social, and economic data in China’s Hidden Children – all of it wearing the very human faces of mothers, fathers and siblings caught in the net of a wildly inhumane and far-reaching social experiment: China’s One-Child Policy.

CHINA ADOPTEES: China’s Hidden Children answers more of the questions you’ve been living with all of your life (How could my birth parents give me up? Does my birth mother think of me? Does my birth country really hate girls?). Dr. Johnson and Wang
Liyao’s research in China bears witness to your history; it offers you a truthful possibility about your early life and a greater insight to the actions and emotions of your first parents.